Update Metadata in Shopify Tokengate

Hello everyone!

We’re launching a merch shop for our NFT collection which has about 5000 NFTs in it. For the launch every NFT had a “pre-reveal” image and was updated afterwards with the correct one. Now when I’m testing the Tokengate in the Shopify shop, I can only see the “pre-reveal” image instead of the correct collection NFT.

Is there a way to update the Metadata in Manifold somehow? In OpenSea everything is display correctly so it has to do something with Manifold or the data Manifold received.

Would be really helpful if you could give me a hint or something!

Found a solution in a different post, for everyone who got the same problem:

That helped!

Awesome! Would love to see the final results when it’s live!

It’s live: https://shop.pacemakernft.xyz!

Amazing!! Thanks for sharing