"View Original Image" Link in Gallery Auction Listing Hasn't Updated Despite Metadata Refresh

In Manifold Studio, created an ERC721 token on Optimism from an HTML document, and added a Thumbnail image. Subsequently had to update the Thumbnail image.

In the Gallery auction listing, at the bottom, where there are links to “View Original Image” and “View Orginal Animation,” the link for “View Original Image” (the Thumbnail image of the token) has not updated.

I’ve refreshed metadata numerous times, from both the Token page, as well as the Gallery Listing app. In all other locations/platforms I’ve checked, the Thumbnail image is updated; only in the Gallery auction listing link for “View Original Image” is it not updated… how to fix?

Gallery auction listing URL:

Screenshot of “View Original Image” link:

Looks like this is the Token’s URi - https://arweave.net/0Do7hGm7sEOxZdwz4k_5Q0LchYpediBS9u2RdZf331c. Is the image appearing as intended here?

Yes, the image url contained there within the metadata displays the correct, updated image. It’s the link “View Original Image” circled in my screenshot of the Gallery display page which seems not to have updated.

Hmmm, maybe I’m not seeing it but the original artwork seems to match the thumbnail and the animation matches what is displayed in the main gallery view? Is it more of an issue of how we label it that is confusing?

This is the correct Arweave URL displaying the updated Thumbnail, taken from the json metadata:


This is the URL which is still linked in the Gallery auction listing link for “View Original Image," displaying the earlier, incorrect Thumbnail:


(the images are only very slightly different; however, the URL in the Gallery auction listing link for “View Original Image," as best as I can tell, did not update, hence still displaying the earlier Thumbnail image.)
(I’ve emptied cache/hard reload multiple times, multiple browsers)

Ok got it - Thanks for the update. We’re investigating and will keep you posted

gm! We’ve resolved this issue and I just tested it on my end. If you give it another shot everything should be working as expected. Let me know if you’re running into any other issues!

Hi- I know this isn’t a big issue, but I’m still not seeing this as resolved, from my end; I’ve updated the Thumbnail image in the token a couple times, I’ve refreshed metadata from both the token page in Studio, as well as from the Listing admin menu; I’ve done empty cache / hard reload from the (multiple) browsers

The correct updated Thumbnail image appears as expected everywhere I’ve checked, except in the URL linked on the Gallery listing page for “View Original Image," circled in the original screenshot…

Even after updating the Thumbnail a couple times (thereby changing the Arweave metadata links), that URL doesn’t seem to be updating as best as I can tell…

P.S. on a different NFT I just created, which was simply an image (the Artwork was an image, therefore no additional Thumbnail to be uploaded), and where I needed to update the image a couple times, the Manifold Gallery “View Original Image" link to Arweave updated as expected…

i observe the same issue, metadata refresh doesn’t work for listings. Neither active nor completed listings ( are completed listings on-chain btw? otherwise these could be deleted on the page )

I don’t know if it works for Ethereum tokens, but it’s repducible for me for Optimism NFTs, tried it several times for more than one token.

This is issue is being tracked here now: *** Does Gallery App Not Work On Optimism? - #2 by johnny

Just for anyone else who stumbles into this thread :+1: Seems we may have a delay in our scanners on only Optimism, but we are still diagnosing the cause. Apologies for the inconvenience. We are on the case.