WL + Public claims

I know we can add CSV file with addresses that can claim Editions
I have not done it before, but I was thinking: can it work so that I add say 35 addies that can claim and 15 can be claimed by anyone out there?

Not something that is supported. What you can do though is create a WL claim first with 35 addresses and once those collectors have minted open the claim to everyone.

Add CSV with 35 addresses, but total supply of 50 and once 35 have claimed, then make open for everyone? Just never done that, so trying to figure out how that flow works

Thanks for response

You can edit claim pages after they’ve been created, so after the 35 tokens have been claimed you can go back to Studio, click on your claim page and edit it to make it open to everyone.

Just so I understand correctly:
Set limit to 50
Add CSV with 35 WLed addresses
At any time I can edit claim page and make it open to everyone (say 24H window)
Or I would not set limit, just addresses and after some time just add new limit that anyone can claim?

Yes, set the limit from the start. You can also change the limit afterwards but better to just have it set if you know it’s going to be 50

Thank you! Appreciate the help