Introduce Yourself!

Hi there ! My name is M0NK. I am a 3D Artist based in Paris. Been in NFTs since feb. 2021 and participated to different important projects as an artist during these last +2 years.

I would like to re-introduce myself.
I am Andrew Miller of and today the oldest Ethereum historical artifact has gone up for auction on the manifold platform. Starting at 333 ETH and ongoing for 1 month I aspire to have the first professional portrait of Vitalik Buterin taken on January 29th 2014 set records for photography art. The copyright and various legal immunities are bundled into the NFT package. Defiance Media reported on this recently Redirecting...
My acquaintance Dmitry Buterin (father of Vitalik) shared this support on June 6th on Facebook Dmitry Buterin - cool way to celebrate 10 years since the... | Facebook
Alyse Sam posted support as well. Alyze Sam - I had the honor of editing this PR for this... | Facebook and she is accounted in the top 5 or top 50 women in Crypto (depending on where you read it). Alyse is co-editor of my press release and near future article.

I’ve also photographed many other historical people and events. Recently I photographed the world’s first Multi-State Fusion reactor, not long ago the most famous Burning Man art work, and many other executive tech or science types changing the world. I’m hoping manifold takes a moment to look at this potentially historic auction and consider it as a good feature to help promote their platform. I will remember those who help me before and not after.

Thanks for your time!!

Hi, I am Lubica an I am an artist.

Hey frens how do we receive Goerli for testnet, never works

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Until today, the experience of using testnet has been amazing for me.

Hi im from shibpreme community
I was curious if theres an explainer on which contract would be best for a generative and whats the best and easiest way to get that done via manifold?

Hi im samantha aka sam. Nice to meet yall

Hey there Manifold team!

I’m planning a drop, and i want to send 5% of the sales to Manifold
How can i do this?

Good Morning everyone

I’m Sophia, an author from Switzerland. I’m currently writing my first novel (a childhood dream) and using web3 tools to create an audience at the same time. My novel has a strong connection with music and poetry, both being kind of characters. Therefore, at the moment, I’m publishing poetry and music-related poetic content that, step by step, bring us hints at what this story is all about. If you’re interested in following the making of the novel, please join my NL : | wordstobemusic|poetry| |

Long story short, my next drop, | wordstobemusic | vol2 is among my novel’s elements and dropping as NFT on Wednesday, July 26th, with Manifold–so excited about this as Manifold really saved my drop (web3 partners can definitely be bad)
| wordstobemusic | vol.2, is a sort of a magazine in my novel’s story and sort of a book in the real world.
With Manifold, I was able to create an NFT of a book, including a reading experience. Everything works well on the test net, and I’m confident it’ll be good on Mainnet too.

Really happy and proud to join this community! Manifold helps us, authors, be fully independent. That’s precious!



My name is Dorthe. I am from Denmark, but live in the US and I create abstract digital art. I started creating NFTs in the beginning of 2022, so I think it’s about time I try out minting on Manifold!

Hey yo

I’m an artist, drawing and painting digital and physical :call_me_hand:
My collection SFYS surfing vibes is created on manifold :raised_hands:

Hey everyone! fantastic to be here, really really love what manifold is doing!

I’m an artist and developer and co-founder of Olta. To put it bluntly, at Olta we’re obsessed with dynamic nfts :sweat_smile:

Recently we’ve been looking into making a community extension for Manifold to make it easier to create on-chain participation and customisation with NFTs.

I’ve started a dynamic nft community extension topic would love to hear thoughts, feedback, criticisms.


Hello Manifold Community,

My name is NFT_Gardener and I’ve been creating NFTs since 2022 on Manifold. Here is the latest NFT collection, Rectangle Garden Drive. An active collection full of information for collectors.

The purpose of my NFTs is to Learn, Create and Share with the NFT Community across this space. I’m excited to be creating here and appreciative to the Manifold Team for keeping the Studio up and running. Connect with me Twitter (X) or check out the Claim Pages available on Manifold Live Claim Pages

I was so busy building with the widgets that I forgot to introduce myself.
I’m Chris. Artist, Author, Designer, Front End Dev
Currently utilizing a miriad of widgets, and loving the studio interface for contracts, minting, and well everything it has available.
My main area of focus right now in which I’m exploring all the different ways to utilize NFTs is my project over at
The Gineeren Chronicles
Each month I’m releasing a chapter of the chronicles, along with a set of NFT artworks that tell more of the story and provide some visual accompaniment.
Each open edition work is 8X10 photo quality making each work a collectible asset, especially when paired with Certificates of Authenticity I’m offering which gives me a way to certify the minted edition number in order of minting regardless of the token number assigned when minting on the main contract. Example: Token #25 on main contract = First minted open edition of “Artwork #5” = Certified as Artwork #5 #1 = First Edition. More info about that by going to “Verify” in the navigation menu of the site.
Also using the Get Owners of NFT data client to make the “My Collection” page which connects to the users wallet, and displays only NFTs from the collection, presented on site for them to read and enjoy.
The story itself I’m releasing for free, readable online and also available as mini-book PDFs. Hope you enjoy the project!

Thank you Manifold team and devs for providing all you do to artists. Couldn’t do any of this without you. Appreciate it!

I am behind the curve with all of this. My name is nick and I am a Cryptohollic. I am sort of new to this stuff but not really. I mined bitcoin back when it first came out. The guy sitting at the desk thing. I cant remember that site nor where I left my bits. Anywho, I have 0 ETH and I am trying to mint and stuff. Can someone help me out with some Eth or some Goerli Test ETH so I may proceed? I will be and already am eternally grateful and will either reciprocate the action or pay it forward. You know.

Anything you would like to know about me? Any advice might you have for me?
May I please be excused now? Thanks yall, totally dig n it.


G’day my name is Michael (aka DropBear) i am a photographer from Australia

Hello Lyndo, can you check my collab question please?

Hi, my name is Paula super new to MANIFOLD. I am an artist and today while setting up a contract I got an error. “There was a problem with your deployment. Please check your internet connection and try again.” Is this because I haven’t add any tokens? Lost in the Manifold…