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Hi guys, is the project built on OP Stack?

Hi everyone im Jared. I am from California and want to show my support for Manifold.

Hi my dear friend. my name is Arezou. I am an actress in theater . physical and digital painter. my physical paints are oilpaintings o canvas. . I am glad to be here and to be with you. I just entered and I still don’t know much about the community, but I like you

Hi all, glad to be here. My name is Brian Cattelle. I’m a photographer in the space. I’ve used Manifold for a few of my 1/1 collections but now I’m looking to release a collection the contains a variety of editions. I have some ideas for advanced claim mechanics and could really use some help figuring out if it’s something I can do. Thanks.

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Artist since 2022, shaping digital landscapes. !:paintbrush: | 5 Honorable Mentions | Using Blender 3D & Photoshop | Empowering collectors as art history curators.

Hello Manifold community! I am Akam Rei - Glad to be here :smiling_face:

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Nice to have a forum here instead of Discord insanity. LOL. Hi, I’m Michael Stone, artist based in South Carolina. I’ve been selling NFTs since 2019 - and using Manifold for awhile, with contracts deployed on Ethereum and Optimism. I love the simplicity of the interface and all the great documentation. I have basically zero knowledge about development, but have plenty of blockchain, NFT, and minting experience. I enjoy getting to know people and exchanging information.

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My name Arthur and I am artist

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gm :pinched_fingers: :wine_glass:

i go by Mental Barf
creating digital art for nearly 20 years
full time artist for 8 years
bear market 2018 survivor

i am looking forward to starting my journey on Manifold :pinched_fingers:



Hey. How do you promote your art and find collectors? I recently published my first NFT.

As it stated in my bio, I’m a Ukrainian refugee that’s currently struggle to meet my ends in Denmark. Should apply to the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts at the end of 2023—start of 2024. I was painting since I was 4 y.o. Therefore I have plenty of experience in creating art, but this time the market is finally ready for my NFTs. :innocent:


Hallo, ich bin Anita aus Münster in Deutschland, und ich möchte meine Erfahrungen als Malerin und Fotografin zusammenbringen und mich auch ein wenig in digitaler Kunst versuchen. Alles hier ist total neu für mich, HILFE! Aber von Tag zu Tag lerne ich dazu und bekomme langsam den Überblick. Ich freue mich, dass ich den Schritt in die Kunst - NFT und in Web 3 gewagt habe, und ich kann es kaum erwarten, meine Projekte und Ideen ans Licht zu bringen und mit euch zu kommunizieren und euch kennenzulernen. Bis jetzt bin ich von Manifold begeistert. Wie toll, dass es euch gibt!


Hello all! I’m Javi, a digital creative based out of Miami, Fl.

My best medium is video, but I am proficient in others like audio, text, and still images.

I’m excited to lead and guide other creators into the world of tokenized media to build the true creator economy.


Hello everyone, I’m VΞLΛ ( I create digitally hand-painted abstracts on black backgrounds. I’m working on my genesis collection and I’m excited to meet even more digital artists in this realm. :slightly_smiling_face:

my dude! meeting you IRL was a blast , I now own some of your manifold mited pieces too​:fist:t4::gem: , so stoked. what a humble legend.

SUP! all , im Masnah.eth im a graff artist turnt into a crypto art enthusiast , I started minting on open sea but when i figured out Manifold , it changed the game for me , as you guys come up with all this non code beauty im also stoked to jump in and learn about it, just joined the community in the chat but some of you migth now my work as the NFT graffiti wall in NYC that features tons of different collections. excited to open the door to learning and connecting to all of you.

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Hello, my name is Levan, I’m the founder of the Street Gallery. We launched on manifold our art magazine and love all the futures that manifold offers us :heart:

Is there any possible future option to mint a pdf file?

Gallery’s Twitter (for contact):


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It’s the first time I am trying to use manifold cause it’s time to go a step further and create sth unique for me :sweat_smile::ok_hand:
I am an artist based in Stuttgart, Germany and I am coming from traditional watercolor art and switched to digital art scene (stucked to glitch atm)

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Hey everyone! Nice to be here.
I’m building a web3 gaming aggregator.
We’re on our way to transition from OpenSea to Manifold, because of the recent changes of September.
Hope I’ll find help here :slight_smile:

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i am such an idiot for not finding this place earlier UGH

No worries. You’re here, now.

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