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Hi all, my name is Phil and I currently work at American Express in Enterprise Strategy focused on crypto. For payments, imo, we won’t get mainstream consumers using crypto until they are incentivized at the base layer of money. Crypto payment apps that are faster and cheaper wont cut it. Crypto needs to offer consumer something they can’t get anywhere else. And that’s programmability, which enables Inflation-resistant money. Erc6551s provide an ideal solution, and would love thoughts on the erc6551 flatcoin I’m building. Please reach out with questions/interest. Always happy to chat.


My name is Michael Ray, and I’m a digital jewelry artist, designer, and founder in Web3. I specialize in high end visualizations of manufacturable 3D assets relating to Jewelry, and I’m in this space to innovate within the jewelry industry and change the perception of how we buy, sell, and own jewelry. I love what the team at Manifold has been doing, and looking forward to continuing to use Manifold for future drops, innovative features, and more!

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Hi, my name is Ignacio Joglar, and I am very new to this world, so I would appreciate all the help I can get.

Hello! My name is Marcus and I’m working on building The Graph, a web3 indexing protocol.

Recently we released a new feature that allows indexing of Arweave data and I’d like to chat with anyone interested in having Manifold data indexed and accessible.

Is this something that’s desired by anyone within this community? Would that be helpful?

Thank you!

hi everyone, I’m deguma, I won 3rd and 5th place in opencall turboart, and was required to mint artwork on manifold. and I’m new to using manifold, and today I learned how to mint nft on manifold, all day. I uploaded a video of approximately 100 MB and it was very long, and unfortunately I made a mistake, I didn’t understand my mistake at the beginning. They wanted the NFT price with Turbo crypto, and I couldn’t change it, I had wasted a lot of gass, maybe ah I can get help to change it🙏

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Hey there everyone! I am new to the Manifold community and I am looking forward to sharing my photos with the world!

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Hi my name is dakolee, I’m an afro beat artist, and i need your help minting my art on manifold. I’ve been able to scale through some steps but I’m stuck at the minting process. Someone pls help out.

Hello! My name is Andrea, i’m italian and i have a community in italy about NFTs since 2021. Happy to be here! :slight_smile:

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What it do Peeps? my name is Oscar my friends called me OG. I decided to use is OGStyle as my artist name a long time ago. Love music, skateboarding culture & the arts. I been here for a few yrs. & bringing my son along to the blockchain making art together etc. I just created an account for this forum today since i might need some community help. So Hello fellow manifold community & artist.

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pretty cool piece you have there, nice pepe touch.

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hello Andrew, i remember your shorty wen u shared it in CH in 2021. I also recently saw ur story on twitter lately & a RT since its a wild story. I hope ur doing well ser.

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Hello I’m wanting to make a free nft drop on Warpcast. I have no clue what I’m doing and I’m only using an iPhone.


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GM, my name is Superthing. I make silicone sculptures of human body parts IRL but i’m also interested in digital ID, and the philosophical aspects of AI. I want to create dynamic NFTs that utilise the most interesting tools and Manifold looks like a good starting point!


hi i’m DASB new to here

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Hello everyone want to introduce myself. I’m Sandro the founder of Hearts4. I need help to find out if it’s possible to mint a 12k collection with manifold?

Hello, everyone!

I am Longshot, one of the Founders of Pixel Palette Nation, a web3 collective of fine artists! I have been in the Web3 space personally since 2019 and created the PPN community just over a year ago with my IRL best friend of 16+ years! We have just over 600 international members in our Discord and multiple community collections on Tezos, Solana, and ETH. We are looking to branch out to other chains with our curated collections and open collections so that our members can gain more exposure to new chains! We are very interested in utilizing Manifold as a home base for some of our collections going forward and really would like to know more about the curation process, if you are allowed to invite contributors to a contract so we can have outside wallets mint on the contract, some of the new integrations, and so on.

I have spent most of the day deep-diving into some of the docs available and searching YT for more Manifold-related content!

Here is our community Linktree. Feel free to check us out. I’m looking forward to hearing back from this community!

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Hi All Im Brian Life, a 1/1 NFT digital artist. 3D, etc. I have finally Created my first Contract with Manifold! Super excited. Thank you so much!

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RECRUITING - Hello, we are Sofa…, We have a completely dope collection of 1,200 NFTs the art has been in production since January we are looking to drop on Base (or Solana). The volume and liquidity on Base is promising. We are 3 people 1) Advisor who is a major player in Runes he carries a lot of weight on spaces and is lauded as a NFT whisperer in his understanding of Narrative and Meta in all things NFT, he’s F’n rich and a big fan of the art and has agreed to Advisor role 2) a brother who has a recently minted out a collection and has been doing panels at NFTYNYC all week and will take a hybrid role as advisor and dev. 3) Myself, long time collector and trader and visionary behind the brand. The brand is fusion between crypto culture ,motorsports, men’s life, luxury lifestyle, and all things cool, meme, and more. We are registered with the US patent dept with exclusive rights for NFT for our brand name and we’re lawyered up, derivatives will not happen.

We need to grow the team to 10 people that is 7 open spots. Need English and European with expertise in Premiere and other soccer leagues a huge plus, anyone excited by sports NFTs a plus, experience with sports books, Cricket, Formula 1, Japanese motorsports culture, mos cracked web3 devs, bot creators, market makers, meme creators, social media influencers, meme coin pros, Social-Fi, Engage to Earn wranglers, VCs, LFG. reply and or dm @sofaking_crypto on X.

Hey there! I’m Yusaymon, and I’ve been crafting art in the exciting world of cryptospace since 2017. :art: Check out my latest creations Feel free to connect with me, and explore more of my work Warpcast. See you there! :smiling_face: :fire:

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hello everyone. my name is Josh. i’m a tattooer, painter, and 3D modeler from so. cal. found my way to manifold through exploring warpcast and farcaster. stoked to read a bit more and learn some things that can help to share my art!..

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