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Hello! My name is Joonas and im from Finland based at Helsinki :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Im mixed media Artist.
Focusing music producing and 3D video mapping.
Also creating glitchy photos/gifs/video NFTs.

I have a degree in audiovisual communication. I have worked as a graphic designer in Finnish television and have done numerous jobs related to sound and image. marketing on the company side and sports for clubs.

My strenghts are music, motion/still graphics, video/photo editing+ audio works



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Hola buenas noches me llamo Axel, soy artista nfts, necesito que alguien me explique, xq la imagen Ascii me sale reducida a una linea, y no la imagen completa en texto. Gracias muy agradecido de quien explique.

GM all. Just got locked in to this site/app and so far I love the idea and community involvement.

I’ve just starting web dev and building cool designs/NFTs in the last year or so and am always looking to find a new project and places to get involved. This most definitely seems like a great place to hang my hat from time to time and welcome any comments or guidance from the community members.

Anyway thanks for havin’ me!

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Gm! I’m juxton

I’ve been a metaverse developer since 2020. Right now I’m the process of launching a few different NFT projects/experiments on Base, with Manifold!

Currently building: (WIP)


Hello all.
I’m finding manifold via warpcast. Hoping to learn to mint frames. I’m getting stuck from the very start. The screen I think I should be seeing isn’t showing up and instead I only see “Docs, FAQ, or Forum.” as options. Not the option for “New Contract.” My wallet is connected. Thanks for your help.

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:wave:Hi, i am Arsen Eca a phygital artist
I have conceptualized what I call ‘phygital matter,’ a blend of information and material that I use in my work


Hi all I’m Finnegan.

I’m interested in taking NFTs to new places. I want to mint audio NFTs for musicians and create a more fun NFT trading card game to bring some energy back into the space

check out to see what I’m working on for the audio NFTs. Everything is done except the contract side of things. I’m hoping to use Manifold

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Ok, Hi,

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to join a group of creators. Seriously.
  2. I am new to all of this confusing, overwhelming, exciting, good mess.
  3. I look forward to the day that I’ll be in a position to help someone in this community learn something, but for now I am the ultimate beginner.
    Thank you,