Manifold Studio wont prompt Metamask Desktop

When I click on wallet connect I choose Metamask under the desktop section and a qr code comes up but I cant take a picture of that on desktop…

I deleted my history. I disconnected metamask from the site completly and still cant connect. Cant even connect to manifold claim pages

What browser are you using to access Studio? What happens if you connect through metamask directly?

Its brave which ive been using for well over a year and never had this issue. Ive had to completely abandon brave for Chrome since I cant use manifold at all. I can click on metamask and go to the three dots then connected sites and manually sign in but it doesnt work. I dont get an error. It shows connected but I have no access to manifold. Brave is up to date. MM is up to date. With brave when I was trying to log into studio I would click wallet connect then metamask and a qr code would come up. When I went to chrome to log in Metamask was next to Wallet Connect and Coinbase. So the metamask option is missing for me.
Screen Shot 2023-10-30 at 9.04.09 PM

I had the same thing happen to me. Do you have a Phantom Wallet on your desktop? I did and the advised me to disconnect the Phantom wallet. I disabled the Phantom wallet and it worked. That is strange since one has nothing to do with the other.

wow that was exactly the issue. Thank you very much! Wonder what causes this!